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“Growth is painful. Change is painful.But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.”

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reblog and the communists win

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reblog and the communists win

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*me pointing to myself* Thats a bisexual

*non-bi person large crying voice* No.. You dont underknow..Stop.. thats not a bisexual you are wrong…please stop liking this gender you are too wrong for it…You cannot say this fake thing

*me pointing to myself* luv this bisexual

Better version

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YO I made some paper today and documented it to hopefully guide some of you folks into making paper for the first time.

(it’s so easy !)

Some extra notes about the ‘Things you’ll need’ list: 

You can buy a paper-making mesh and frame at many arts/hobby stores. The one I am using in these images isn’t a favourite tbh. I had owned a previous one that was much sturdier ~ instead of a loose mesh and a back plastic thing, my previous one had two wooden frames (one with mesh attached and one to place on top). I suggest getting one of those if you can. 

You are also better off using a shitty blender - not the same one you use for food - in case you end up getting too experimental (side note, don’t try to blend cotton balls. It messes the mechanism up!) 



*Rip up pieces of paper to place in the blender. The more the better ! Try mixing different colours, papers with text, blank paper, wrapping paper ~ experiment and have fun :o) 

*Pour some water in until all of the paper bits are covered. 

*Blend it! I find that sometimes it is best to blend in short spurts. Blend until it turns to mush. 

*Pour the mixture in the tub (which should have been filled with water before you begin) 

*Mix it up with your hands (it feels nice!!)

*Now is the time to put extra bits that you may not have wanted to blend up. Things like : flower petals, sequins, paper confetti, ripped up cotton balls, sparkles etc. 

*Next, put your mesh together (meaning frame on top, mesh underneath it and plastic on the bottom) Hold it together tightly! 

*Place it in the water and gently move it around. Get a small wave pool going ~ try and get as much or as little onto the frame as you like. Making paper as thin as a tissue is possible but it’s pretty difficult to get it to spread evenly! You can also make it very very thick - REMEMBER it will thin out in the next step.

(if you find that you are having trouble filling the entire mesh with pulp it probably means that you haven’t blended up enough paper or you could be moving the frame too fast) 

*Once you have a good distribution, pull it up and hold it over the tub and let some water drip out ~~~~ Take off the top wooden frame. 

*Get to your smooth/clean surface (I personally use a sheet of plexiglass) and gently but quickly flip the mesh/plastic tray over. Take the plastic piece off. 

*Now take your shamwow thing ($1 at canadian tire!) or sponge equivalent and press it on the mesh (your paper pulp is beneath the mesh still) and take out as much water as possible! 

*Take off the mesh screen. Let dry ~ This can take hours. When I am finished filling the plexiglass sheet with multiple papers, I prop up the plexi and place a fan in front of it. 

*When the sheets are no longer wet or cold to the touch, and are easily peeled off your surface, you are done!

There you have it !!! Now you have made paper. OvO

I hope someone will find this useful. ♥

I haven’t made paper in ~forever~ but I’m feelin’ the itch so I’m reblogging this tutorial in case some of you are feeling it too ~~~ 


when my straight friends tell me about their relationship problems/breakups image

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me: more like sad-urday amirite?

paul: *clap clap*

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Gaza - Here’s what happened:


Updated: July 26, 2014

  • April 29, 2014: The deadline for the peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Israel was supposed to release a number of prisoners as part of the deal. They failed to do so when the deadline arrived. This prompted the Palestinian president to apply to various international treaties and agreements, since Israel was clearly not respecting the peace negotiations. Meanwhile Israel approved thousands of illegal settlement units in the West Bank, eliminating any chance of a 2-state solution. US officials mediating the negotiations expressed privately and publicly that they blame Israel’s continued settlement construction and failure to commit to the negotiations for their collapse.
  • June 2, 2014: After the peace talks collapsed. The Palestinian Authority (governing the West Bank) negotiated with Hamas (governing Gaza) the forming of a unity Palestinian government. The European Union, the United Nations, the United States, China, India, Russia and Turkey all agreed to work with this new government. The Israeli government condemned the unity government because it views Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, as a terrorist organization. As any settler-colonial state would.
  • June 14, 2014: Israel announced that 3 teenage Israeli settlers were kidnapped near Hebron in the West Bank. Within less than 24 hours Israel publicly blamed Hamas for the kidnapping and vowed revenge. Hamas denied involvement.
  • June 14 - July 29:  Israel then went on a rampage (Operation Brother’s Keeper) in the West Bank arresting 530 Palestinians without any charge or trial, and killing at least 6 Palestinians including children in raids on most West Bank cities. Palestinian universities were raided and vandalized by the Israeli army. It was later confirmed that the operation was planned ahead of the kidnapping as a response to Palestinians forming a united government. Claims that the operation’s goals were to find the kidnapped teens were further refuted when it was later revealed that Israel knew the teenagers had been killed shortly after the kidnapping. It was also later revealed that from the beginning they knew Hamas was not involved in the kidnapping and killing of the teenagers. This is crucial in understanding what happened next.
  • June 30, 2014: Bodies of the three teenagers were found 10 minutes away from the location of their kidnapping. Israel blamed Hamas for the killing and vowed revenge, even though they already knew they were killed from day 1, and they knew that Hamas wasn’t responsible as mentioned above.
  • July 2 - Countless appearances and speeches by Israeli government officials blaming “Palestinian terrorists” for the murder, and multiple members of Israeli Parliament tweeting and posting on Facebook calling for genocidal acts of violence against Palestinians. Many incidents of settler violence were reported after this incitement. On July 2, Israeli settlers kidnap Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir and burn him alive. Later that week, the teenager’s Palestinian-American cousin is beaten by Israeli police.
  • June 29 - July 7: Some Palestinian resistance movements from Gaza warned Israel from continuing its violent operation and mass arrests in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and to stop violence against Palestinians. When Israel’s operation continued to cause more Palestinian casualties, a few resistance movements in Gaza fired rockets at Israel. Hamas admitted to firing some of the rockets for the first time since the 2012 Israeli assault on Gaza.
  • July 8 - Israel launches Operation Protective Edge, bombing Gaza with airstrikes. Palestinian resistance movements unanimously respond with rockets.
  • July 8 - NOW: Israel hits Gaza with thousands of airstrikes, which Israel claims are targeted ‘terror sites’. In reality the sites bombed are dozens of hospitals, schools, medical centers, beaches, and thousands of homes. Over 857 Palestinians have been killed, more than 700 of them unarmed civilians and a large number of them children, less than 160 were Palestinian resistance members [UN statistics]. Over 5000 Palestinians are injured. And the number of displaced people has passed 150,000 people. People in Gaza are not allowed to leave it so they cannot seek refugee status. Meanwhile Israeli casualties are 2 Israeli civilians killed by rocket fire. After the Israeli military began its ground invasion on July 17, about 37 Israeli soldiers have also been killed during clashes with Palestinian resistance in Gaza.

What do we learn:

  1. Israel knew that the 3 Israeli settlers had already been killed. They lied about it to use it as an excuse to commit acts of violence in the West Bank under the guise of looking for the kidnapped teens.
  2. Israel knew Hamas didn’t kill the 3 Israeli teens from day one, yet they publicly blamed them and vowed revenge leading to the current massacre in Gaza.

A note on human shields: Although Israelis love to respond with “there are civilian casualties because Hamas uses human shields”, they offer no proof of these claims. This is propaganda 101 and has been repeatedly debunked by Amnesty International and other international agencies who found that it is actually Israel who uses human shields in its operations. During the current operation, many Gazans reported Israeli snipers commandeering the roofs of their homes as bases and preventing them from leaving their homes, using them as human shields.

Here’s what Israel actually means by human shields: “The people who go into a house despite a warning do not have to be taken into account in terms of injury to civilians, because they are voluntary human shields. From the legal point of view, I do not have to show consideration for them. In the case of people who return to their home in order to protect it, they are taking part in the fighting.” - a senior figure in the International Law Division (ILD) of the Israeli Military Advocate General’s Office.

So when Israelis say ‘human shields’ they mean people who were sitting in their home after they were told to leave. The status of these people is legally changed from “non-combatants” to “combatants” under Israeli law. The warning mentioned in the quote can be:

  1. Leaflets dropped from the air onto hundreds of thousands of people’s homes. Evacuation warnings to entire areas are illegal under international law. They are illegal even for small areas, and are considered a form of collective punishment.
  2. A phone call or text message telling the person their house will be bombed between one and five minutes from the time of the call. Again, under international law, this does not turn the person or their home into a legitimate target even if they do evacuate it.
  3. A “knock on the roof” which is a small missile dropped on the house which means the house will be bombed within one minute, giving no time to the inhabitants to actually leave before the second missile completely flattens their home.

On July 16, Israel dropped leaflets on 100,000 Gazans in northern Gaza to evacuate (5% of the entire population of Gaza). This means that Israel legally changed the status of 100,000 civilians to ‘combatants’, and Israel can legally kill them if they do not evacuate.

Besides, many homes were bombed while families were still evacuating. And countless homes, and a few schools sheltering people who fled their homes were confirmed bombed without any form of warning. So Israel has absolutely no legitimacy, even by its own twisted standards.


The Rock is my soulmate.

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The Rock is my soulmate.

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Britain is sending my bisexual son to his death, says mother →


[Leeds UK]: Earlier today (25 July), Edwards was detained after a routine sign-in at Water Side Court in Leeds, north-east England.

His family say he was given no warning and no indication to him or his family that he would be detained.

Orashia Edwards who is bisexual lost his asylum case earlier this month and is now threatened with immediate deportation to Jamaica West Indies… His family say Edwards was suicidal after losing the legal case, and his mental health has worsened considerably over the past few weeks. ‘They’re refusing to tell me where my son is. Something has changed. I am very, very terrified,’ a tearful Brown told GSN on the phone. 

After he lost his legal battle, he said he would ‘prefer to be a dead man than get on a flight to die. I have nowhere to go’.

Leeds for Change, an organization campaigning on behalf of LGBTI asylum seekers, successfully got a flight cancelled that was meant to deport Edwards last January.  The group alleges the Home Office decision behind who is granted asylum have been prejudiced.

Some activists also say the Home Office finds it difficult to grant bisexual people asylum, saying there is an attitude that they could ‘pass’ in their home country.

  • No Borders Leeds - Orashia was detained again for the 3rd time this morning as he went to sign on in Waterside. His most recent appeal was denied yesterday yet nobody was informed until today, again leaving little or no time for Orashia, his family or his legal team time to prepare. Please help inform others and pass on this latest news. Thank you
  • Petitioning Teresa May, Home Secretary; Ed Miliband, Labour Party; Nick Clegg, Lib Dems Don’t Deport Orashia SIGN PETITION HERE
  • The Home Office are really feeling pressure from support & publicity around Orashia’s campaign. Please keep the pressure on. Write to your MP using this template letter and send it to your MP here. More contact details on this page.
  • Please donate to his legal fund here. Orashia’s family are working every hour possible to raise funds which have already cost over £2000 so far. All of Orashia’s legal team are working pro bono :) so the costs are just covering his court fees.

Thank you so much for all the support so far

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